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Acts Of Charity Site!
This site is dedicated to helping the less fortunate and many other
worthy causes. We just ask you to give up a few moments of your
day and do some simple tasks (click on things). Most of these tasks
can be done in only a few minutes or even seconds per day.
"He that giveth unto the poor shall not lack: but he that hideth his
eyes shall have many a curse." Proverbs 28:27
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Bookmark This Site And Come Back Daily.
Please go to these sites on the left daily
and click. The sponsors on the hunger site
will provide rice for a hungry child. The
sponsors on the rainforest site will donate
enough money to set aside 11 square ft. of
rainforest land. The sponsors on the
animal site wil feed a dog or cat.

Please download our search bar. Every time you
do an internet search, a portion of the revenues
earned by the search engine will be donated to
help feed starving children! Please use this
search bar just as you would any search bar.
I've created this page to help us all spread a little charity and kindness to
those around us that need it.

Our challenge to you is to do some simple tasks on this site to generate
money to feed the hungry. Tell everyone you know about this site, and come
back as often as you can so we can raise money for these worthy causes.

Our goal is to have people come to this site and do a few simple tasks 1
million times by December 31st 2011. By doing this daily we can make a
huge difference around the world! Come back often to check in on our

The main thing is just to have some fun with this and help to change as
many people lives for good as we can! If we all do our part we can change
the world for the better.
Please Watch This Video!

You can see what is happening around the world
due to lack of food.
This Is The Number Of Times People Have Come
To This Site And Done Some Tasks.
“What if just knowing
what a word meant could
help feed hungry people
around the world? Well, at
FreeRice it does . . the
totals have grown
- Washington Post

“Web game provides rice
for hungry . . . FreeRice
went online in early
October and has now
raised 1 billion grains of
rice [by November 9].”
- BBC News

“Addictive, yes. But . . .
each correct answer
results in the donation of
rice to help feed the
hungry around the globe.
Perhaps that qualifies the
game as a good addiction .
. . one with redeeming
qualities something
that’s, oh, didactic and
- Kansas City Star

“People from all walks of
life and from around the
globe have written in to
express their appreciation
for the game . . .
Secretaries admit to
playing it during boring
business meetings.”
- Christian Science

“FreeRice.com is one of
the most ingenious
websites of 2007. In the
best spirit of the Internet,
it offers education,
entertainment and a way
to change the world -- all
for free.”
- Los Angeles Times

“Freerice.com is an
international, viral
sensation. Folks from
Thailand to Germany and
India are just as
enthusiastic . . . improving
thousands of lives, all
with a simple, collective,
click of a mouse.”
- CBS Evening News

“Every grain of rice is
essential in the fight
against hunger . . .
FreeRice really hits home
how the Web can be
harnessed to raise
awareness and funds for
the world’s number one
- UN World Food Program

“A teacher of fourth and
fifth graders on the Yurok
Indian reservation in
Klamath, CA, . .emailed the
WFP. ‘My students
absolutely LOVE the
FreeRice site. Almost daily
they earn several
thousand grains of rice!’
she wrote. ‘You cannot
imagine the joy in my
heart when I look out and
see 25 kids doing
vocabulary work
and enjoying it.’”
- School Library Journal

“Feeling guilty about
wasting time on computer
solitaire? Join the
growing guilt-free
multitude at
FreeRice.com, an online
game with redeeming
social value.”
- USA Today

“The Web site offers a
greater gift, the gift of
awareness about world
- NPR National Public Radio

“What type of computer
game could get kids
excited about learning
vocabulary words? One
that also helps feed
hungry people around the
- Scholastic News

“‘It’s fantastic,’ says the
World Food Program’s
Bangladesh director. Adds
a 32-year-old widow living
in a refugee camp with
her 8-year-old daughter, ‘I
depend on the rice.’”
- People Magazine

“FreeRice is a triumph of
converting passivity into
- New York Times

“A simple way to bring
kids to the Internet for a
good reason, a way to
feed their minds and . . .
to feed a whole lot of
people . . . helping fight
world hunger, one grain
of rice at a time. ”
- NBC Evening News
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This map depicts someone dying every 3.6 seconds
from hunger! With your help we can stop this!
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this site. We really need to
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you truly are saving a
person. If you could keep
a neighbor, friend or
family member alive with
just a few seconds of
your time, I'm sure you
wouldn't hesitate to do it.
Please don't let these
children down. We're not
asking for any donations
from you, just a little bit of
time each day!
Please help us spread the word about this site, but please only
email people you know. Do Not spam people with this site.
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